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Question #1:

Hey Daphne

Beautiful People was such an amazing show, and you did a really awesome job playing Lynn. I was just wondering, in light of the cancellation, is there anything we as fans can do to help perhaps have this show re-aired or picked up by another network? I've known shows to be re-aired due to "popular demand," could we perhaps make something like this happen? If not, the show was amazing and I would have loved to see a second season! Thanks for the read and have a happy day.



Dear Kali,

Thank you for asking about fans bringing the show back! And thanks for your kind words about the show. I have spoken to the Network heads, they loved the show but have made their decision, I really don't think it will change, but HEY! Why not go to the ABC Family site and write! Can't hurt. I wish I could resurrect Lynn, and the girls too. (I'm seeing them on Friday, I'll tell them about your letter and others).

Take care!

Question #2:

What is your response to global warming skeptics who say that scientists don't have enough proof that global warming is a real problem? In particular, please see this article.

As someone who is not very knowledgeable about global warming, articles like that seem rather convincing, which I assume can be dangerous.

Tracy Kovach

Dear Tracy,

I believe the state of our environment is deeper than being a political issue. Everyone should want to protect, preserve, and restore our planet regardless of political party, religion, race, etc. The fact is that the last ten years have been the hottest on record, I believe 2005 was the hottest. The extreme weather that has occurred, and more to come are effects of climate change, which is worsening at an alarming rate. The writer you sent me is a conservative writer who says global warming is exaggerated by "liberals". I believe no one has the moral right to defend doing nothing. No one. Damage has already occurred in so many ways to animals, plants, and ecosystems. If you are getting your info from conservative sites, there is a Republican group called REP America. Check out their website at, read some studies, and let me know what you think!

Thanks for caring and asking, we all need to learn and act on the facts!


Question #3:

Is beautiful people coming back for another season in fall of 06???? Everyone is dying to know! I'm the biggest fan of the show......I absolutely love it!

Miranda Sanchez


Dear Miranda,
Many have asked if Beautiful People is coming back and I am sad to say that is is not coming back in the fall. I absolutely loved doing this show, I loved the girls (in real life too), and I really loved giving life to Ms. Lynn Kerr, mother, woman and designer extraordinaire. I haven't loved playing a role and being a part of a project this much for a long time.

However, this is the biz. Watch my Lifetime movie in July for a different taste. It's a suspense. Then in July I am shooting a movie for ABC Family that will air this Christmas! Thanks for watching Beautiful People, it meant a lot to have fans like you, who liked it as much as we did.

All the best,

Question #4:

Dear Daphne,
I would be very grateful to know your opinion of the well-publicised idea that a large number of British citizens - and especially youths - have no interest in politics or voting. Thank you for your courage & leadership in the pro environment & political causes.



Dear Mike,

I think people , especially young people don't get involved politically because they don't think it will matter. Young people are creative and express their views in other ways like with music, art, writing etc. In one way they are right, the political system is bogged down by...well, politics! The political system is a rather blunt tool for getting anything done. However, it is the system we have and I wish more people voted so they can experience the feeling of doing even one simple thing on behalf of themselves in the world. I love the feeling of standing in line with other neighbors who are all there for the same reason, to better the situation. We have a common thread in that moment. We all want things to be better, voting is saying to the world I am here, I take my life and the lives of others seriously.

It is too easy to not do anything, it is time for every single person on this planet to be responsible for themselves as a part of the whole. In my opinion we are in a state of emergency, look at the environment, the violence, the apathy. Everyone must acknowledge they are alive and awake and able to talk about things, write to the newspaper, write to political leaders, write to tv shows, vote, start a group in school, a blog, constructive and a part of the solution.

I know so many people in here in the entertainment business that are coming up with solutions, they really are out there caring, using there status and money and connections to help. Not eveyone, but more than one may think!!

Mike, I hope you stay in touch with your sense of caring and share it, spread it, we are our only hope. That's the fact. WE are the only ones here to fix what is broken.

Take care and be passionate,

Question #5:

First of all I just have to compliment you on what a great job you have done portraying Lynn on Beautiful People, you really bring the character to life!! My question is what is the best thing about being a part of playing the role of Lynn? Thanks!



Dear Chelsea,

I loved playing Lynn SO MUCH!!! I like doing comedy, so I added things every chance I got. I loved Lynn's honesty, her passion. I got to be angry and in Maddy's face when she was stealing from us and using drugs. I loved being caring with the girls but when we went head to head (because my girls are tough!) It was exciting to flare up even though we loved each other. (after a take of fighting, I would want to make sure they were okay) I liked the romantic story line with Julian. Always love those! So it was fun getting close to Julian, wanting each other but not acting on it....until we finally kissed (THAT was a fun scene!) and James was great to work with. And it was great to work with Grant Show again, we really bonded all those Melrose years ago, and this time there was a trust and familiarity. Trust is very important when acting.

I hope I'll be a part of something as fulfilling soon, and that you'll watch!

Take good care,

Me and my girls! (my dog and me in the background)